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UCAAN Supports the Whole Patient (Survivor/Warrior)



When it comes to cancer there are many ways to think outside of the box, often patients don't have time to do this. That's why UCAAN embraces innovation. Whether you’re in need of Inspiration, Hope, or Information about the possible Direct effects of treatments or other options like Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM), Holistic treatments, Clinical Trials or Alternative Medicine, UCAAN is here to help!  Patients deserve to know.

#TheUCAANDIfference: UCAAN knows every person diagnosed with cancer has a choice for which direction they would like to go with when it comes to fighting cancer. Not all treatments are the same for every patient. Patients deserve to be well informed when fighting cancer. When alternate opinions are available, we believe UCAAN and deserve to know, so UCAAN make the right decision for you.



UCAAN Refers to Cancer Patients as Warriors & Survivors and Here’s Why

From the moment of UCAAN Founder and CEO, Shur’s terminal diagnosis she was a fighter, laughing and staying strong. She also loved to helped others she met with cancer. She feels, embraces and expresses, “We are survivors/warriors from the moment of diagnosis, because every day we continue, we are surviving & thriving. However you see yourself, we hope you will embrace the resilient spirit and strength that UCAAN knows you have within you. No matter how difficult the challenge may seem, it is important to stay positive, focused and strong. Remember there is nothing wrong with asking for help!” 


UCAAN Customized Resources

UCAAN’s Customized resources are based on the needs of the patient. We work with the patient or the family and connect them to the most up to date information and resources based on their specific cancer type and needs.

UCAAN has a database of over 2,500 organizations nationwide which allows us to custom tailor your list. If our database is missing an invaluable organization, we continue to search for alternative sources for aid. #TheUCAANDifference: UCAAN doesn’t provide general lists of resources. #CustomizedResources are key!


UCAAN CARE (Caries And Restorative Education)  

Our Preventative Dental Program educates patients about the possibilities of dental deterioration, which is caused by cancer treatments. The UCAAN CARE Preventative Dental program (Previously funded by Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills from 2014-2017) provides vital information to patients & their families about how to prevent the detrimental direct effect (AKA side effect) through education & dental resources. #UCAANProvidesPatientsVitalInformation

#TheUCAANDifference: After, Rachel Shur, Founder and Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire, experienced these direct effects and lost all her teeth, she’s continued to #FightfortheTooth and turned her experience into a program to share with patients. She was never told about cancer treatments dental effects!  #DentalCare 

UCAAN is currently working with a dentist in Moorpark, California offering patients (upon UCAAN program approval) 2 free topical fluoride varnishes per year/per patient to help prevent dental deterioration. #DentalHealthEqualsOveralHealth

Download the Application here


UCAAN HEAL (Healthy Eating And Living)


 UCAAN's HEAL program teaches patients how to change the way they eat to fight cancer. #EatHealthyToFightCancer HEAL includes one on one education specified to the patients needs. HEAL incorporates: cooking lessons, shopping tips, food lists, food alternatives, reading labels and educational shopping. Most importantly we teach patients about the importance of not eating sugar. #EatToLive 

#TheUCAANDifference: Eating Healthy when dealing with cancer is vital. UCAAN’s goal is to teach patients how best to #FightCancerWithFood.  


UCAAN's Personal Fundraising Program


Sometimes resources are not enough. There are expenses to cover that patients and their families need. UCAAN understands this and in 2009, when UCAAN was founded, started this unique fundraising program. Our personal fundraising program gives patients and their families a way to raise funds to cover their immediate needs. This encourages and educates patients to take an active role in their fight to survive. UCAAN staff and volunteers create #HandmadeGiftsForCancer which get sent to patients at NO Cost. Patients have their own fundraiser, selling these gifts. Patients in the program have raised $1,200 - $2,000 and more for the sales of over 150 handmade gifts. #Pendants4Patients

Download the application here.

#TheUCAANDIfference: Providing a free way for patients and their families to raise funds without worrying about expenses. This is one of UCAAN’s longest running support programs, making an impact nationwide.   #CancerPatientSupport


UCAAN Specialized Support

UCAAN provides specialized support to cancer patients, warriors & survivors. Whenever possible, UCAAN provides Specialized Care Packages. A lot of hard work and good intentions go into the packages that our sent to our patients, warriors and survivors because #UCAANcares 

#TheUCAANDIfference: Over the past year, Rachel Shur, UCAAN Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire, Founder and CEO has been making masks, essential oil blend hand sanitizers and bottling Ponaris Nasal Emollient, which helps protect from viruses and bacteria. UCAAN ships these to patients nationwide absolutely FREE!






UCAAN Makes Cancer Patients a Priority by putting #CancerPatientsFirst

UCAAN Make Cancer Patients a Priority Too! #SupportThoseWithCancer 

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“UCAAN Saves Time For Survivors Who Have NO Time to Waste!”




Disclaimer: UCAAN Staff & Volunteers are not nutritionists or medical professionals, we take the information, resources & connections we have available to us to provide the best information to patients & their families. Patients should consult with a medical professional prior to making any decisions or changes.
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