UCAAN is Thankful for our supporters, affiliate organization, businesses and Cancer warriors who have shared their Love for what we do for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Warriors Nationwide. Enjoy reading our Testimonials!


Patient Testimonials

My name is Debra Wolfe and I was introduced to UCAAN a year ago. Thanks to UCAAN, I have learned a lot about The Cancer and what I can do to make my experience an educated one.

Thanks to UCAAN, I’ve learned that treatment can cause my teeth to fall out and the answer to that was simply fluoride trays. UCAAN connected me with a dentist and set me up to receive the trays at no cost to me. Rachel also connected me to a physical medical doctor, an Osteopath, at no cost to me.

It has been a pleasure working with UCAAN and Rachel Shur. She is very informed, educated about cancer, has a lot to give regarding information and is on the client’s side of receiving what they need to go thru their battle. NO OTHER PROGRAM has come close to UCAAN’s approach and Rachel works very hard for the client and for their needs.

I’m very grateful to be apart of UCAAN today and to know and work with Rachel Shur.
Thank you isn’t enough to say for all Rachel and UCAAN have done for me. Thank you, Rachel for your unending help and support.  ~ Love Debbi Wolfe



I want to thank UCAAN for the gas card we get each month for our appointments. Being a cancer survivor and knowing that someone else cares, helps change the mood completely. This is a BIG difference in my life because I no longer have to come up with extra money for gas. I can now make my appointments and not worry as much. Thanks again UCAAN for this wonderful Program. ~ Alexa Hagar (Part of the UCAAN Gas Assistance Program from 2013-2015)


In February 2013, I was contacted by a fellow young cancer survivor that I met at a support group that her organization (UCAAN) started at TWC in 2011. I told her that my kids loved playing piano, but we didn't have one. The young woman told me that she had a Keyboard available, and that we could use it as long as we wanted on loan at no cost to us through the organization. 

Thank you for filling our home with MUSIC! I loved playing the piano growing up and music is a gift I want to share with my children. Thank you for lending our family your keyboard so that my 5 year old can learn to play. We've had it for a couple of months and he has already learned to read music. For this, I am grateful. I too have enjoyed playing and singing to both my munchkins. What a precious way to bless our kids and my heart during this wild cancer ride!

~ Deepest Gratitude! Stage IV Breast Cancer Warrior & Momma of a 5 & 8 year old 


UCAAN, Thank you very much for everything you do for cancer survivors like me. This is Jose Balderas. Thank you so much for helping me with a gas card every month to get to my treatments at City of Hope. It's very far and hard for our family. Many organizations have taken away gasoline help, so I am thankful for you. God Bless you UCAAN and Rachel for helping the people like me.  ~ Jose Balderas (One of our cancer warriors on our UCAAN Gas Assistance Program that ran from 2013-2015)


Dear UCAAN & Rachel, 

Thank you so much for making my custom flower pendants! They were very, very nice and through your Personal Fundraising Program, I was able to sell all of them and raise $1,200 for my medical bills, copayment, food gas and rent. I go in for chemo treatments every 21 days and it's very hard but knowing that I have an organization with caring people like you, here to help me, it makes it a little easier. Thank you so much for the Wonderful HELP! ~ Valerie Allen




Volunteer Testimonials


I volunteered with UCAANs Giftwrap event during my first semester of college. It was without a doubt a pivotal point in my life to work with such a passionate group of people as I entered adulthood. After the giftwrap event I volunteered several more times and continue to send [cancer patients] in need of resources to UCAAN. I don’t actually remember much about the work itself but the experience and stories have definitely stuck with me over the years (almost 10 now!). Rachel is an incredible woman that’s started something we don’t see enough of, she’s working one on one and trying to help cancer patients directly. It was an honor to spend the time I did with her and I’ll always support UCAAN! --Victoria Garcia


As a cancer survivor, I volunteered to work with Rachel in the UCAAN office, organizing the massive database that contains links to hundreds of resources for cancer patients and their families.  Rachel takes a deep, personal interest in every person.  She becomes personally involved in each person’s struggle. The support that she provides is not formulaic, one-size-fits-all, but one that is unique to each person’s financial, emotional and medical needs.  The thing that I most enjoyed in working with Rachel was the satisfaction that I got from knowing that the resources in the database that I was compiling would open doors for help for people who were going through the turmoil that I had experienced in my own life. - Roger Klauser


Affiliate & Partner Organization Testimonials

Rachel, I finally was able to find the package that you sent me for our organization and our patients. We love the handmade cards, the handmade necklaces and the special bracelet. I'm grateful for them all. The participants will LOVE the necklaces and the cards. We plan on gifting them at our first retreat of the year in Arkansas. I can feel the special energy from the bracelet that you made especially for me. I know that we both have a passion to help people with cancer and I'm thankful that we can work with one another. Thank you again for sharing your love for helping cancer patients through these amazing gifts for our patients! ~ Catherine Sero, Reeling & Healing Midwest Org 

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