Help Fill the GAP, UCAAN Gas Assistance Program

This Is the BIG Question Asked by Cancer Patients:


"How Will I Get to Treatments?"


Through our UCAAN Gas Assistance Program, we Hope to Lend Them a Hand!


* The Gas Assistance Program Would Allow Us to provide local (Between Ventura County & North Hollywood, CA) cancer patients who qualify for the program with (4) $25 gas cards per year. (As we get more funding in, we will be able to increase this amount)


* The Emergency Transportation Fund would allow us to provide local cancer patients who qualify for the program with emergency rides to treatments, this includes last minute needs for rides round trip. This would be for $100/year. We would work and partner with local care giving companies to provide this service.

Every $35 donation covers the cost of one Gas Card for a Patient. a $140 donation allows us to provide (4) gas cards for one patient!

Every $150 Donation covers the cost of a round trip ride to treatment. Including helping the patient at the medical center. (bringing them in, waiting with them)

Interested in Supporting this Program? Please email us: [email protected]

The Best Way to Donate to this Program is to Send your donation Via Paypal to our Email [email protected]  Please make sure to include Fill The GAP in your notes. :)


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